Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Boston Visit

We were invited to friend Peter's surprise 65th birthday celebration to be held in Boston where he has been on sabbatical the past 8 months. We drove up Friday, arriving at brother Larry and Pat's home in Cambridge around 8:00. A nice reception with food and wine and talking and a stroll on a warm night to Inman Square for ice cream.

Up in good time and out for some fresh bagels and lox and then off to the Boston Museum of Fine Art for a show of flower arrangements inspired by works of art. Also a chance for me to see some Sam Maloof chairs in their collection, inspiration for my next project. Can't say the flower arranging thing really grabbed me but so many other things did. Museums are fun.

From there on to a walking tour of artist's studios in North Cambridge, but the beating sun took its toll and the highlight was a nice relaxing lunch in a Greek cafe.

Home in time to get cleaned up and off to the party, hosted by friends of Peter and Laura's in a lovely home near Boston College in Newton. A round of toasts to a dear friend, a wonderful meal created by the host's son, and lively, easy conversations with nice people. One reason for our going was to take the "memory box" I made that Laura had purchased for Peter. Laura pulled it off, a wonderful party. Peter was pleased.

Up in good time on Sunday for the long drive home. Smooth sailing with the AC cranked on an unseasonably hot day. First stop at home was the ER to pick up Dylan but that's another story.....

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