Sunday, April 5, 2009

Magic Tree

This isn't what I expected. I'm just trying to get some firewood. Usually when you cut through the base of a tree it falls down. Not this time. All the trees in the woods and I get the magic one. Great. I take out a whole three foot section just to make sure and still no luck. Now what. I don't really need this, I got work to do. This hasn't happened before so I'm kind of at a loss. Is there a magic tree hot line? I mean I don't even know who's in charge of gravity so who's gonna help me. Hey, what about the law of gravity? This is probably illegal. Awww, shit.

Beer. Beer might help. I think I'll go have a beer.


Robyn said...

this is great, i have seen this before on the winter camping trip i took, caused by the top of a tree being held by those around it...wonderful picture, i love the noted sarchasm

Bruxist said...

Steve, nice. I love the magic tree. Please read Body Parts Chapter 5 at my blog. You encouraged me you know. It's all your fault!