Saturday, January 31, 2009

I remember being a tree...

I remember being a tree. It was lovely. I was a cherry tree some 70 feet tall and 14" dbh(diameter at breast height). I stood among red and white oaks, maples and ash in a small wood lot in central Pennsylvania and lived 80 some years.

I was beautiful. In the spring my crown was covered with pendulums of small white blossoms that breezes would send cascading down like snow. By August they became small black berries, food for mammals and birds. In fall my leaves turned golden.

I was strong but flexible; I bent and swayed in storms but did not break. I was generous. I took only what I needed and gave back more. I was patient; there is no hurry. I showed no aggression toward others but neither was I walked upon. I stood my ground. I was quiet.

I had a hollow that some would see as weakness. But it had an opening that went to my heart and it was home to many.

Now I am a table. There is no reason this life won't be longer than the last. May I be a place where food is shared amongst family and friends, where glasses clink in toasts of celebration, where laughter is frequent and souls connect in meaningful conversation.

Rough boards for table

Table in client's home.

Ebony pinned tenon.

I am pleased with this project because even after all the flattening, surfacing, jointing, ripping, measuring, marking, sawing, routing, drilling, chopping, paring, gluing, clamping, sanding and finishing ... it still makes me think of a tree.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stuffed Friends

Dylan and Robin have flown the nest and left behind these old friends. They had a lot of stuffed animals gotten as hand-me-downs from other family or birthday and Christmas gifts. Dylan once got a whole bag from a family friend whose child had "outgrown them". There was the Beanie Baby phase too, one of the "must have" items for a while, and they were cute and affordable and fit nice in a Christmas stocking.

Many had names: Lamby, Abu, and Lovey are ones I recall. I'm sure they had voices and were party to conversations. They were a source of play and solace.

Now they sit at the ends of unused beds, or on bedside tables, or high up on a closet shelf. It can look like they are remembering. Or maybe they are waiting. Yeah, that might be it, they're waiting.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lucy in the Snow

We finally got some snow after lots of freezing rain and ice. Only a couple inches after a prediction of 5-8 but enough to make a winter wonderland.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lucy and Roca

We took care of Chris and Kate's dog, Rocca, for a few days. One of the most beautiful dogs I've met, a sheperd with perfect markings, soft ears, and a plume of a tail. I think she is about three.

She and Lucy got along well, played together with chasing, snarling, bump and run. No conflicts over food or spaces. They both would sit before you looking up expectantly for a biscut.

We took them on long walks once or twice a day. Their gaits were so different. Rocca lopes like a wolf who could go all day. Lucy wiggles along like a speed walker. The video doesn't really show this but I liked the shadow legs.