Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mason's Lizard

Son Dylan had said he would like some of my art, a nice request I was happy to fulfill as a Christmas gift. I chose this photograph and made a custom walnut frame. I attached the second photo to the back with the description.

This mason jar was set at a grave site in a very small graveyard near Moab, UT. I presume it once contained flowers. A lizard must have crawled in for one last fateful drink.  - February 2006

Part of the appeal of this photo for me is the fond memories of the trip when it was taken. A long train ride from central PA, a stop over in Chicago, and on to Moab, Utah to see my friends Jerry and Barbara.  We worked on a small addition to their house but took time out to see the wonderous surrounding landscape. In the off season we had these cathedral like spaces to ourselves at times. I remember palatable silence amidst colossal forms.  Evenings at the local brew pub shooting pool or nice meals at home. It was such a perfect blend of working with a friend on a focused task and then relaxing and exploring  in an incredible environment.  A wonderful time.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Lights

Geez this is wasteful isn't it? We've got people starving in China (are we still using China?) and this guy is burning energy like there is no tomorrow. He's generating enough heat to melt the snow on his lawn before everyone else. His neighbors get a brown out when he plugs 'em in. Ever heard of global warming? Can you spell c-o-n-s-e-r-v-a-t-i-o-n?

Actually I like it. Yeah it would be too much if lots of people did it but I think every neighborhood should have one politically incorrect dude who just goes ape shit with the lights. Palm tree lights?!!! It makes me smile.

So here is hoping that for one moment this holiday you can let go and raise a glass with family and friends in joyous celebratory excess. And be thankful that you can.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold windy night

Lucy needs a walk. Here I sit on the couch tired from work and a game of squash, full from supper with a fire in the stove and the Christmas tree alight. The wind howls around the house. Our heavy chime that is not easily excited has been a constant gong. Duty calls. But I know once she gets me up, inertia overcome, we might see something.

Yesterday's six inches of wet heavy snow is now icy solid. Must not fall down. As we get older we get shorter but the ground gets farther away. How does that happen? Man it's cold. Colder 'n a witches tit in a brass brassiere as they say in .... nevermind, no one says that.

Down the drive to the street where it's clear and we pick up the pace. Clouds on the horizon still seem white despite darkness. Maybe they are reflecting the distant town lights. Above the moonless sky displays countless stars. There's Orion's belt. There's the Seven Sisters. Those girls are faint but for some reason it's one constellation I always find. The wind is a constant drone.

Sorry girl it's too cold tonight. Just down to the stop sign and back to our cozy hearth. And a biscuit. After a walk comes a biscuit. I'm well trained. Punishment for not delivering the biscuit is 20 minutes of mournful staring.