Friday, December 30, 2011

A Big Heart

Cultivate a big heart this year.
a big heart is compassionate
a small heart is indifferent

a big heart is inclusive
a small heart is exclusive

a big heart is generous
a small heart is needy

a big heart looks for the good in others
a small heart finds fault

a big heart seeks understanding
a small heart seeks only to be understood

a big heart see others as it sees itself
a small heart sees others, well, as others

a big heart does not take insults personally and absorbs them
a small heart feels hurt and passes them on

a big heart is calm and patient
a small heart is anxious and restless

a big heart loves all that is
a small heart loves only what serves it

Friday, December 23, 2011

Deflated Christmas Spirits

 Is your Christmas spirit sagging? Has your festive enthusiasm been flattened by the relentless barrage of retail commerce? Are your high hopes for the holiday and new year deflated?

I don't think the latest in outdoor Christmas lighting is helping matters. I refer to the giant inflatable caricatures of our holiday icons that now light up some front yards. Including Daffy Duck would look entirely appropriate. Big and bright and noisy, America's contribution to the world aesthetic. I suppose kids love 'em.
But a daytime drive through the neighborhood finds dead Santas, dead Frostys, dead Rudolphs, left face down on the lawn and looking like victims of a Grinch with a pointed stick. One morning a stiff breeze is blowing and Santa is trying to get up, flopping about like a dying fish. Ho, ho, ho. It's depressing.

Aww c'mon man, lighten up for Christ's sake. You've got family coming.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Me an' Santa

Me an' Santa we be down tight. We go way back. He's my bro, my BFF, my homey, my kemo sabe.

He's got my back and I've got his. I sit on his knee and he sits on mine. He calls me, we talk.

We hang. We are dudes in a pod. We are Batman and Robin, Simon and Garfunkel, Fred and Barney, Frodo and Sam, Lewis and Clark, Prentice and Tuttle.

I make cookies. I have fresh milk. My chimney is clean.

Me an' Santa we be solid.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 Flying Rocks and Silent Chime

 I made this mobile in 2007. The rocks from our woods, the "silent chime" - sash weights picked up from a demo job, and the timbers from a local sawmill.  All told it weighs over 300 pounds.

To raise the beast I enlisted Chris's help, my son's friend, a professional tree man equipped with the necessary rope, hardware, and know-how. Looped through a pulley and tied to the bumper, a slow drive hoisted it to the limb.

It hangs in a big hickory tree just 60 feet from living room windows. I think of the insignificant geological time these rocks are unnaturally suspended above the earth. It moves not only on its axis but also as the tree sways. I like to see the infrequent bird sitting on it.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Big Beautiful Moon

Big beautiful beautiful moon in a carpet of cloud
Circled in orange I think I'll take its picture
Shoes and coat a signal to the dog
Can I come? Can I come? Excited worry, please please?
YES!! leaping out on the lawn
Down to the garden for a better view of sky
splayed tripod in deep grass
First one cat and then the other appears
this time curiosity will just watch
Dog snuffles in orbit immersed in a sense I can't imagine
I fiddle with this little machine
Blink blink "beep beep" self timer for a steadier shot
Take one, take another. Mmmm that might work
Fold up shop and back to the house
One cat races by and then the other not to be outdone
I smile at this trio of pets, these furry companions
that choose to accompany me