Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mason's Lizard

Son Dylan had said he would like some of my art, a nice request I was happy to fulfill as a Christmas gift. I chose this photograph and made a custom walnut frame. I attached the second photo to the back with the description.

This mason jar was set at a grave site in a very small graveyard near Moab, UT. I presume it once contained flowers. A lizard must have crawled in for one last fateful drink.  - February 2006

Part of the appeal of this photo for me is the fond memories of the trip when it was taken. A long train ride from central PA, a stop over in Chicago, and on to Moab, Utah to see my friends Jerry and Barbara.  We worked on a small addition to their house but took time out to see the wonderous surrounding landscape. In the off season we had these cathedral like spaces to ourselves at times. I remember palatable silence amidst colossal forms.  Evenings at the local brew pub shooting pool or nice meals at home. It was such a perfect blend of working with a friend on a focused task and then relaxing and exploring  in an incredible environment.  A wonderful time.

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