Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ginger Died Friday Night

Our dear pet rabbit finally passed away at the ripe old age of nearly 12. She long out lived our expectations, ignorant as they were, for what we thought was a normal life span of a rabbit. We jokingly called her the energizer bunny as she just kept on going. When we got her and her mate, Baker, for our kids in '99 I thought we'd have them five years. I had 3 rabbits as a kid and they didn't last 3. But it turns out 8-12 is normal for a well cared for small breed domestic rabbit.

We thought the two bunnies we purchased were the same sex but the truth came to light when they were caught humping under the Christmas tree. Ginger was allowed two litters and played her part well enough. I gotta say there is not much that's cuter than baby bunnies. Robin named them all - Scooter, Skipper, Bonnie and Clyde, Merle, Curious, Bobo.

Her beau Baker
Ginger was not particularly fond of being held in her youth and left many a scratched belly and arms as she tried to free herself. But this changed in  later years and she seemed to enjoyed being petted, sharing with us her soft fur coat, leaning into a hand scratching her cheek.

As is the way with many childhood pets, the child moves on and the pet stays. So Ginger became Margy's pet. Feeling sorry for a caged creature a gourmet rabbit trail mix became a "must have" treat and Ginger would sometimes stamp her feet demanding her daily dose. As Margy once hurried to deliver Robin remarked, "Geez, Mom, you're like Ginger's bitch."  What we do for love.....