Monday, November 16, 2009

dog house heater

My previous dog was a collie and had a serious coat of fur. I never did see her shiver. But not so my new dog, a black lab mix with sleek short hair. Since we are sometimes gone for the day and need to put the dog in her pen I thought a little additional heat in the doghouse was in order. A little internet searching turned up a homemade solution:

Basically it's a coffee can with a light bulb in it. Had to wire an outdoor outlet and string a wire out to the pen but it's in place and looks like it will do the trick. Just need some cold weather to put it to the test.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Keb Mo at the State

In our town, State College, Pa. , the old theater on the main street was bought by a non-profit group, renovated, and given new life as a community theater. Their focus has been to bring in music acts - the up and comings, the once weres, and shows that just work in a more intimate setting. They also show alternative films and some community plays.

Monday my son Dylan and I caught Keb Mo, a great contemporary blues act. Good performance with excellent back up musicians to accompany his slide and electric leads. If you don't know his music you might like to check it out -