Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stuffed Friends

Dylan and Robin have flown the nest and left behind these old friends. They had a lot of stuffed animals gotten as hand-me-downs from other family or birthday and Christmas gifts. Dylan once got a whole bag from a family friend whose child had "outgrown them". There was the Beanie Baby phase too, one of the "must have" items for a while, and they were cute and affordable and fit nice in a Christmas stocking.

Many had names: Lamby, Abu, and Lovey are ones I recall. I'm sure they had voices and were party to conversations. They were a source of play and solace.

Now they sit at the ends of unused beds, or on bedside tables, or high up on a closet shelf. It can look like they are remembering. Or maybe they are waiting. Yeah, that might be it, they're waiting.

1 comment:

rtuts said...

aw i miss lamby. at least he got to come to westtown!