Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

It started with Carolyn saying she and David planned to visit. Then Rick said he and Holly would make it too. Larry, the farthest away in Cambridge, had been wondering when he would get down again, sorted his schedule, and he and Pat made the long drive to join us.
Saturday they picked up Mom and Dad on the way through town and all gathered for lunch at my house. An adventure for M & D, they hadn't been here for over a year, but with so many helping hands it went well and they enjoyed the outing.
Got the folks back to their place for afternoon naps, I got in some tennis with Dylan, and everyone back for a 4:00 walk with Lucy the dog. A simple supper, a wee bit of wine, and a chance to catch up.
Sunday dinner at Foxdale and then just before leaving we line up for another family portrait. How many times have we done this? But now, with Mom at 90 and Dad at nearly 94, it always flickers through my mind that this might be the last one.
How lucky it has gone on so long. Another nice family reunion.


rtuts said...

grandma's hair looks really different! where'd all the curls go?

Robyn said...

i love how they are holding hands in the picture with everyone, love is an amazing thing