Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gotta love the spring thing

Comparing the climates we live in with a Califorinian I remarked that I would miss Pennsylvania's change of seasons. He replied with a touch of sarcasm, "Oh yeah. Isn't that like banging your head on a wall because it feels good when you stop."
Could be true, could be true. But I think there is a yin yang thing goin' on here. You wouldn't know what a good cup of coffee was if there wasn't a bad one. And if all your days are a clear 70 degrees I think one would stop noticing.
So when Spring finally rolls around here it is a wake up call. It reminds us we are on a spinning ball circling the sun and we are coming 'round to the other side. We who live higher up on the ball have been catchin' just a glancing blow and now we get to lean into that baby and ooooo it feels good. And I gotta tell you everybody, I mean everything, knows it.
OK, I admit it, it's a little bleak. It's been monochrome gray, not enough day. People get SAD. Critters look challenged. But when the change comes it's a rush. The green comes in just a hint at first, this pale green blush. But a week or so and some rain and this lush carpet is everywhere, this deep greengreengreen. And everywhere you look everything is growing. Plants are just going nuts. In short order we have gotten a whole new playground. Makes me smile from the inside out.
Today was gorgeous. A few pictures from the day-4/18.


rtuts said...

nice pics dad! i dont mean to brag or anything...but it was like 75 degrees today in paris :-P

Robyn said...

and even stranger yet, im north and in VT and we hit 85 degrees today!