Tuesday, May 12, 2009


COMRADES!! Despair not!! I received word today of our fallen brother on the grassy moors of Yorkshire. The callousness of the deed did pierce my heart! Even here imprisoned in exile the words did reach me. The tears did well up within me as I read the account of this brutal slaying. "It was sweeeet", the lass claims as she breaks the neck of the still twitching Brer Thomas. Alas where is the heart, where is the soul of such a one.

A noble fellow was Thomas as remembered by all who knew him. A fine young buck doing his best to help his mate raise a new family. Heck, he even helped with the dishes now and then. And now in the blink of an evil eye he is no more.

Fear not!! Though ye be mere defenseless, soft, fuzzy, pretty much brainless, creatures ya still got 'em outnumbered and if ya keep doin' what ya do best (wink, wink) chances are pretty good some of you will be left after they're long gone.

Yours in the struggle to survive,

Ginger Baker

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