Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Feeling lucky? If you''re reading this you should because it means you can see. Just for a moment think about how utterly amazing this power of sight is. If you woke up tomorrow blind you'd be on your knees begging, promising to never ask for another thing if only you could see again.
Let's play a game - it's simple. Think of absolutely anything that you would like to have. It can be real or imagined. No limits whatsoever. Think of the most amazing coolest thing you can dream up. It's yours. The only catch is you have to give up sight to get it. Have we got a deal?

If you get stuck on that one pick Option 2: Hearing. Option 3 is the ability to move.

OK here's something else. Water. I think water's coolness factor is off the charts. Whoever thought water up had to be a fucking genius. Game 2: Design a planet and think of something better than water. As far as we know no life exists without it. It's a shape shifter that has no equal as solid, liquid, vapor; its faces of oceans, lakes, ponds, sleet, clouds, rivers, snow, streams, hail, creeks, puddles, glaciers, rain, waterfalls, rainbows, icebergs, etc, etc. With one or two exceptions it is the only substance on the planet that expands when frozen. I mean where'd they come up with that little wrinkle? If you're on the design team you gotta at least give your colleague a pat on the back for that one.

And what about hot water. Sheesh. I should be waking up each day giddy anticipating the pleasure of a hot shower. And for me personally, I don't have to haul it a mile, or start a fire; I have to turn a knob to get an unlimited supply at a temp of my choosing. And, you're not gonna believe this, but even my shower water is so clean I can drink it without fear of cholera, dysentery or even a mild case of the runs. I'm not kidding, it's true.

All of this is just from wondering why we take so much for granted, why it seems our nature to focus on what's missing, why something must be lost before it's value is recognized.

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