Monday, December 1, 2008

Please Sit Down

"Please Sit Down"

Another vessel. Where do these come from? I'm not sure which might be why I keep making them. Most of the ideas arrive fairly complete and simple drawings and templates are all I do to use as guides. The size is sometimes determined by the wood I have. I'm not sure what wood this is though I think it's hickory. Years ago it was sitting in a pile of other rounds of a tree by the side of the road with a sign that said FREE.

Not always, but often stories about the piece come as the work nears completion just as they might for someone else. This one seems to me to be a combination of elegance and organic funkiness. Maybe it's the filagree or lace-like webbing of the handle and the squat stance. An upper class lady with a lower class past. High tea at the country manor but something sinister is going down.


rtuts said...

dad that's AMAZING! I think it's my new favorite! What's the red line down the front?

Bruxist said...

Beautiful! A chunk of wood that could've been burned but instead...this!


jerry said...

Steve, I want you to know you have seduced/encouraged/tempted/taught me to "Follow your blogspot" (using my real name, not "anonymously"), something I have never done before, but then you have stretched my wings many times over the years. I love "Please sit down" and your interpretations of it.