Saturday, November 29, 2008


A happy Thanksgiving. Margy's family, less oldest brother Bill, all came for the occasion. Dan, the family patriarch now in his 94th year, no longer wishes to make the long trip to Virginia as we have done the past few years so all came to see him. Nephews Brian from NC and Daniel from LA. came the farthest.

The usual feast with a turkey and all the fixin's. Stuffed portabellas for the vegetarians. Nice pies for dessert. Everyone ate too much and staggered to the living room to be inert for a while.
Some nice walks and time with Dan sorting papers and conversation and an entertaining game of Trivial Pursuit last night with the Frysinger Sibs snatching a come from behind victory from The Kids while Team Spouses shot out of the gate but limped woefully to the finish.

Fun to have Jake and Lizzy pouring their energy on the group. We shake our heads in wonder at the parent's stamina.

All but Daniel left after lunch today. A quiet settles upon the house.

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