Saturday, November 15, 2008

A perfectly dreary day

Lucy needs a walk. It's been raining all morning but let up a bit so off we go, our usual route to the church and up around Dad's field. Earlier this week a deer was hit along Marengo Road and the vultures have been workin' on it, trying to get their share before the game warden hauls it away. When we come by they move to the trees to wait. I just saw 7 but Margy saws dozens yesterday.

I turn Lucy loose in the field and off she goes this way and that boppin' and weavin' nose to the ground. The nose knows. She is posessed.

I leash her again and we head further down Marengo to the end of Hank's field then left down the farm road to the creek and she's off again.

It's starts to rain again but it's warm so it's nice. Wet grass, wet shoes,wet feet, wet dog. A subdued pallet of colors and earthy smells. We walk home.

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