Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lucy's in the Doghouse

Well she is a sweet dog. Everyone who has met her seems to agree. Maybe she was trying to get even sweeter.

Margy went to town for the morning and left her inside as we have done before. She is definitely not a cold weather dog, as Bonnie was, so we don't want to put her outside in her pen. We know she sleeps on our bed when we're gone but otherwise it's been OK.

But this time was different. Margy returned to find shredded cardboard and bits of foil, the remnants of two dark chocolate "oranges" purchased for Robin and Dylan's Christmas stockings, about 13 ounces of the good stuff, left in a bag with other gifts.

This is not good. Chocolate is toxic to dogs (check the web for how much is bad for your size dog) and Lucy was in the danger zone. So off to the vet she goes where they make her vomit for a few hours and then give her charcoal to absorb the toxin. Her body temp was rising and her heart was racing. Four hours and $180 later I pick her up after work to bring her home.

Now she is really hungry and hyper but we're just supposed to give her a little rice and water so she doesn't get sick again.

Next day Margy leaves home just a little before I get home. I find debris on the living room rug - all that's left of a whole loaf of bread lifted from the kitchen counter. So much for limiting her intake.

Sigh. They say this is common with Labs - they will eat anything and with no limit on quantity. So now it looks like we will have to crate her when we leave the house - at least when it's cold.

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