Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Penn State Crows

Walking across campus on the way to work an ominous sign, a bad omen, a dead crow hanging high up in a tree. A little further I see another and then another and realize it is part of the solution to Penn State's crow problem. They are crow effigies intentionally hung to scare the birds away. Trained professionals have been firing off canon like devices to scare them off and then hang effigies to discourage their return.

For several years now about this time of year migrating crows have roosted by the thousands in the trees near Old Main. They flap, and squawk and create a "sanitation" problem spattering the sidewalks with Rorschach tests.

And I must say it is a problem for now as I watch my step along the walkways I am hounded by incessant questions: What is that? What does that mean? What is that supposed to be? What's that one doing to that one? Oh God mother always told me not to think those thoughts .....

Crows Lookout for Sunrise

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