Saturday, December 27, 2008


I fasted today. One day isn't much but after a week of gluttony I thought it would be good to glimpse the other end of the scale. I drank juice and tea. Just a day is not hard, it's not painful, but there is this nagging little voice that tries to talk you out of it. Some of it is habitual, we are used to feeding ourselves through the day, 3 meals, a snack here and there, let's see what's in the fridge. It is a pleasurable thing to do. It is not needed but it tastes good.

It is surprising how much time we spend eating. No food, no prep, no dishes to do. Saves money too. I worked pretty steadily in my shop through the day but noticed a drop in energy come late afternoon. Too much food might make one sluggish but not enough food leaves one tired, no fuel to burn.

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