Friday, December 23, 2011

Deflated Christmas Spirits

 Is your Christmas spirit sagging? Has your festive enthusiasm been flattened by the relentless barrage of retail commerce? Are your high hopes for the holiday and new year deflated?

I don't think the latest in outdoor Christmas lighting is helping matters. I refer to the giant inflatable caricatures of our holiday icons that now light up some front yards. Including Daffy Duck would look entirely appropriate. Big and bright and noisy, America's contribution to the world aesthetic. I suppose kids love 'em.
But a daytime drive through the neighborhood finds dead Santas, dead Frostys, dead Rudolphs, left face down on the lawn and looking like victims of a Grinch with a pointed stick. One morning a stiff breeze is blowing and Santa is trying to get up, flopping about like a dying fish. Ho, ho, ho. It's depressing.

Aww c'mon man, lighten up for Christ's sake. You've got family coming.

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