Saturday, December 10, 2011

Big Beautiful Moon

Big beautiful beautiful moon in a carpet of cloud
Circled in orange I think I'll take its picture
Shoes and coat a signal to the dog
Can I come? Can I come? Excited worry, please please?
YES!! leaping out on the lawn
Down to the garden for a better view of sky
splayed tripod in deep grass
First one cat and then the other appears
this time curiosity will just watch
Dog snuffles in orbit immersed in a sense I can't imagine
I fiddle with this little machine
Blink blink "beep beep" self timer for a steadier shot
Take one, take another. Mmmm that might work
Fold up shop and back to the house
One cat races by and then the other not to be outdone
I smile at this trio of pets, these furry companions
that choose to accompany me

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