Friday, December 30, 2011

A Big Heart

Cultivate a big heart this year.
a big heart is compassionate
a small heart is indifferent

a big heart is inclusive
a small heart is exclusive

a big heart is generous
a small heart is needy

a big heart looks for the good in others
a small heart finds fault

a big heart seeks understanding
a small heart seeks only to be understood

a big heart see others as it sees itself
a small heart sees others, well, as others

a big heart does not take insults personally and absorbs them
a small heart feels hurt and passes them on

a big heart is calm and patient
a small heart is anxious and restless

a big heart loves all that is
a small heart loves only what serves it

1 comment:

Onebeam said...

learned some about selfless love this last fall. Cool stuff. No thought of any return, just giving in Joy. It was a tough lesson, but a huge arena opened.