Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 Flying Rocks and Silent Chime

 I made this mobile in 2007. The rocks from our woods, the "silent chime" - sash weights picked up from a demo job, and the timbers from a local sawmill.  All told it weighs over 300 pounds.

To raise the beast I enlisted Chris's help, my son's friend, a professional tree man equipped with the necessary rope, hardware, and know-how. Looped through a pulley and tied to the bumper, a slow drive hoisted it to the limb.

It hangs in a big hickory tree just 60 feet from living room windows. I think of the insignificant geological time these rocks are unnaturally suspended above the earth. It moves not only on its axis but also as the tree sways. I like to see the infrequent bird sitting on it.

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