Monday, October 6, 2008

Washington, DC

The Indian and the Lily, 1887First entry - I write from a hotel in DC. Daughter Robin says she will keep a blog of her life in England so I thought I would give it a whirl to keep her posted on life at home. Not much to say but an occasional picture or story ....

In DC to do the Plone 2008 Conference - work related training. Nice story from day one -

After getting my stuff in and parking my car I head to the nearest subway to head downtown and figure out what my routine will be. Waiting on the subway platform I'm checking out an advertisement for the National Gallery of Art - there's an Ansel Adams show that catches my eye but it's not until next year. The one showing now is called The Indian Paintings by George Forest de Brush. Never heard of him but the sample painting is of an Indian with a goose. Much like the one that is on Dad's wall at Foxdale. The print that he had on his wall as a kid and the one that was on my wall throughout my childhood. I get the feeling its the same guy and decide to go check it out. So I hike around downtown near the white house and all the fabulous marble government buildings, find the National Gallery and there I am standing in front of the original painting that I have known all my life. Can't think of another piece of art that would have been more fun to see.

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rtuts said...

whooooooaaa you have a blog. now you're officially cool. and i'm officially tired! working on the farm is great, but exhausting. today i scraped poo off of walls and mucked stalls and moved cows and weeded hedges. phew. and that was just the afternoon! i'm working on posting a big entry soon, but for now, sleep is required.