Sunday, October 12, 2008


for Robin

Not exactly notes from home but I've been in DC for the week. The conference was good - Plone 2008, open source CMS software for those who care. My hotel was just 2 miles from the conference so I wound up walking everywhere, taking in the city, the chaos and the noise, the beauties and the homeless, the beautiful buildings and the litter. I love how the museum/galleries are free, just walk in and see all this wonderful work. I checked out the Hirschorn and the National Portrait Gallery and Memorials on the mall. So many beautiful old churches and classic stone government buildings and statues.
I left Friday late afternoon joining in the mass exodus plodding along in a motorized snake 5 lanes, 4 lanes, 3 lanes, then 2 averaging 30mph stopping starting for a good 70 miles until it finally thinned out. It's hard to imagine doing this everyday. Circumstances might mean I would do it too but it does not seem a healthy choice.

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