Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Socks

I bought these socks the other day and I like them well enough I suppose but look at this, there's a left and a right.  What the hell, when did this happen? Whose idea was this? I didn't get a warning or anything, did you? What's happening?

You remember when your Mom was teaching you how to dress right? And when she did the socks part everything was still pretty cool. All you had to do was pick two that were the same color, or close anyway, and get the curvy heel part down and then pull 'em on and you were good to go. Didn't matter which foot the sock went on. At that point you were thinking, "Allright! This shit is gonna be easy!" Course you didn't say that and then when you got to shoes and left and right and tying laces and all you had a lot of second thoughts. As a matter of fact shoes might be the place when you started having doubts about everything big people had in store for you.

Anyway I'm feeling like I am not OK with this left and right sock thing. So just to show 'em who's boss, just to stick it to da man, just because I'm a bad ass living on the edge kind of guy, I put them on the wrong feet.

And I'll be damned.  Try as I might I could not walk the straight and narrow. Everywhere I went I just kept leaning to the left. Man, life is getting complicated. I don't know what's goin' on anymore.

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