Monday, January 10, 2011


Martha, a three year old long haired calico, is the newest member of our family. She comes to us from a friend whose father died,  leaving behind his beloved cat. Our friend was carefully seeking a new home for her.

The story goes she showed up as a stray with 5 kittens in tow and was appropriately named Mama Kitty.
But that's not what we wanted to call her, so after much deliberation, Martha it is. A long haired cat would not have been our first choice here in our woods, where briers and seeds abound, but her sweet disposition won us over.

A concern for any new pet in the house was the reception our big tom, Simon, might deliver. But it turns out he's a wuss, the one who hisses and runs for it. Martha has not been aggressive but neither has she been afraid. Not sure they will ever be BFF's but already they are tolerant.

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