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U-Store (Too Much)

Middlesburg, Pa
Once we were hunter gatherers, light of feet and load. Constant movement and a limit to what we could carry kept our accumulated possessions in check. Agriculture, that watershed event in our species' evolution, meant we could stay put along with our stuff. And so we may no longer be hunting but we surely have not stopped gathering.

The closet is full. In this country the closet as we know it, a small room with a door, was very uncommon prior to WWII. People stored their clothing in trunks, or chests, or hung on wall pegs. But now the closet is full of outfits for each season, each day of the week, each activity we do. It's filled with the covers and cloths and towels and blankets and pillows. Some of it will have to go to the basement.

Lewistown, Pa
The basement is full. It's full of the things you put here before. The clothes that no longer fit, the toys that no longer play, the tools that you use every once in a while. The food stuffs that won't fit in the cupboard, the pots and pans that saw better days. The old television and stereo sets, an extra refrig and the laundry appliance. The treadmill and elliptical stairclimber bicycle rowing machines. The table and chairs from Grandmother's house. We'll just have to see if there's room in the attic.

Old Fort, Pa
The attic is full. It's full of more stuff and it's being abused. It's freezing in winter and humid in summer. There are boxes of books and boxes of papers and boxes of boxes. There are boxes of clothes now turning to rags. It's cramped and dusty and mouse-ridden dirty and it's really the place where stuff comes to die. The garage would be better by far.

The garage is full and the cars are outside. It's filled with the lawnmower tractor, and the walk behind kind, the weedwacker, snowblower, edger, and tiller. The clippers and cutters and spreaders and movers. The ladders and two dozen cans of old paint for the house. The tent, the coolers, the kayak and croquet and badminton sets. The tricycles bicycles from kids through the years. There was every intention to clean it all up, but it just didn't happen, there just wasn't time. So I guess what is needed is a little more space…..

Clearfield, Pa
U-Store It Self Storage Units

Some time ago I became aware of the proliferation of these storage businesses and realized they were a phenomenon of my lifetime. Sure enough the first enterprise in the US began in 1958. These businesses grew steadily through the 90's but took off in the millennium.  From 2000 to 2005, over 3,000 new facilities were built every year. At year-end 2009, there were a total of some 58,000 self storage facilities, owned by 30,235 companies. Not surprisingly, when it comes to stuff, the US rules the planet. One report states in 2006 there were 1.6 billion rentable square feet in the US compared to #2 Australia with a paltry 22 million.*

Port Matilda, Pa
More stats from SSA (of course there's a Self Storage Association):
One in ten households in the US uses a self storage unit. There is 7.3 sq.ft. of self storage space for every man, woman and child in the nation; thus, it is physically possible that every American could stand – all at the same time – under the total canopy of self storage roofing.(That's so beautiful.)
Potters Mills, Pa

I try not to be judgmental about this but it's hard. What is it with our culture that we need this? Why do we have so much stuff? Something seems askew. One reason given for the industry's meteoric growth was its filling the needed niche for a mobile society. Temporary storage for those in transition. The average American will change residences 11 times in his life. The average rental period is 15 months. Here is a good article on the subject:
 Self Storage Nation by Tom Vanderbilt 
Warriors Mark, Pa

The photographs here are of storage units in rural settings. It further complicates the story for me that these are in places where people are just getting by. And in some instances they are in the "middle of nowhere". Space for rent in a spacious place. 

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*Self Storage - Wikipedia

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