Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm Trying to Write You a Letter

I'm trying to write you a letter. I chose a good quality paper and my favorite quill. For better or worse, it will be in my own hand so just seeing it you will think of me, know that I was thinking of you and had something I wanted to say just to you.

I'm giving it a lot of thought in hopes that you will find it meaningful in some way. It would be great if I had a secret to tell you but I've never been one to keep them. Maybe I'll include an invitation to meet for breakfast at the cafe. Maybe if I just do it as carefully as I can you will decide it's worth keeping and put it in that small box with your other keepsakes and someday, maybe when you are old and I'm not here, you will find it again and be reminded that as it was written I was thinking of you fondly.

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