Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drive-in Theater

The drive-in theater, a short lived phenomenon, will primarily be an experience of my generation. Begun in the 30's, peaking in the 50's and early 60's with  more than 4000 venues, and now faded to less than 400 still in operation. In the hey-day the family piled into the big station wagon for a summer evening of concession stand food, cartoons, and Disney flicks. In their decline, desperate for revenue, the movies changed to sci-fi, horror and porn, appealing to their primary clientele, horny teens. I regret I never got laid in the back seat of a big finned Buick at the local drive-in.

This theater is on Route 220 just south of Williamsport, PA. It closed a few years ago.  A strange beauty to this space being reclaimed.

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Onebeam said...

love the last photo esp. So much potential. Or maybe it's just what comes in one's gut when looking at an open screen, so huge, so inquisitive.