Monday, February 6, 2012

Mr. Barrow's Waffle Iron

Sunday morning waffles with butter and maple syrup - can't remember the last time I did this. Maybe 10 years ago. A rearranging of some kitchen stuff uncovered this old waffle iron and brought the idea to mind.

Much of my childhood was spent in the home where my mother was born. Our neighbors on one side were an elderly couple, the Barrows, who were neighbors to my grandparents as well. I now wish I knew what Mr. Barrow had done in his working life as he seemed such a gentleman. A lasting memory for me and my siblings is Mr. Barrow mowing his small lawn with a push mower, dressed in a starched white shirt and a bow tie. Not long after Mr. Barrow died the Mrs. made plans to move away and we were invited in to look over the last of household belongings. I think we paid a pittance for a rug and this iron.

But brother Rich is the wafflemeister in the family, making them more often in the parent's old iron (or do I recall he got one of those new fangled teflon jobs) and using Grandad's recipe. He sent this photo of his recipe card written in our mother's hand.

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