Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cheryl's Chickens

Hank had open heart surgery on Thursday. Cheryl stayed with family near the hospital to be with him as needed. Neighbors and friends stepped up to watch their place while they were gone. Diane came on Friday. Jerry came early Saturday morning to plow fresh snow from the long drive with Hank's old tractor. We had stove and chicken duty through the weekend.

Sometimes we walked the long way round to catch the mail or paper at the end of the drive. But most the time we walked across the field, the same row between stubble of cornstalks. In the basement we'd load the stove as full as possible and leave it open till it was burning hot. Then get the chicken's thawed water feeder to swap out with the frozen one and walk out to the coop. Something nice about this little room of clucking hens eager for a drink. They peck the snow from off our boots and let us pet them while they drink. Winter time so just a few eggs.

Three times a day we went, the dog could not believe this fabulous change in schedule. Saturday night the stars are bright, we shuffle through the powder. We think it was a Barred owl hooting in the distance. Sunday night we see a shadowy herd of deer fleeing up ahead.

Monday they came home from the hospital. Hank is doing fine.

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dftuttle said...

Nice dad, makes me just a touch homesick.