Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fresh Start

I think spring means this to many folks even if they are not gardeners.

The garden is mostly Margy's project but I help out when needed. After she spread some nice mushroom compost and cleared the way I got out the old tiller and worked it over.

Some tools last a long time. This tiller was purchased by Margy's Dad in 1974 for $418. It came to us when they moved from their long time residence to our town in 1989. We use it twice a year, spring and fall. Each spring we roll it out of the shed and it doesn't want to start, just like today. We put in fresh gas and clean the plug and yank away with no luck and then we have to take off the pull cord cover and take out the mouse nest and repair the wires to the magneto. This year the nest is occupied. Mom gives a scared look and takes off down the tiller with five little ones clinging to her teats for dear life. With a little coaxing they make it to safety under a bush. Sure enough they chewed the wires again. A quick repair and the old girl fires right up.

We've been working this spot for a long time now.  Walking alongside the tiller I feel like I'm walking on a chocolate cake.

first greens in the cold frame...

first asparagus...

fall planting of garlic...

And so we start again. Last year tomato blight put a hurtin' on a big reason for doing the garden. Here's hoping for some big juicy ones this season.

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