Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dining Out

This is in a small clearing in our woods. The table came from a friend. The chairs and china and candle holders and sliver ware and wine glasses came from Goodwill. When dinner was over we walked back to the house leaving everything behind.

My plan is to come back every few months, in the different seasons, in all kinds of weather, and take a picture of myself sitting here waiting,  possibly for years, as this little scene is reclaimed by the power that reclaims all things.

I can picture an 80 year old man sitting here still wondering the same things this one does.


elfrysin said...

This is an awesome idea, can't wait to see what comes of it.

rtuts said...

Huh, it's far more zoomed out than I thought it would be--how will you tell that you've aged?

Stephen said...

My hair will be gray, I won't remember stuff and I'll probably drool more.
Actually I took closer ones too, just liked this one. It might not be the exact same picture each time - might show different views.