Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fuck NJ

Fuck NJ. Not Suzie or Janice or Mickey but NJ. This is graffiti on the Ben Franklin bridge in Philadelphia and its odd declaration got me thinking. Is it just human nature to denigrate and scorn the other?

I understand the need for us to belong. The self inflicted feeling of separation haunts us for a lifetime and so we seek connection however we can find it. Through lovers and mates, through race and culture and religion, through beliefs and preferences, through clubs and cliques we align ourselves with this or that seeking validation and confirmation that I am. I exist.

I suppose we then belittle all that we did not choose  to reassure ourselves that we have chosen correctly.  We are right.

I am from Pennsylvania, this imaginary place drawn on vague maps 300 years ago by guys who'd never seen the place and bought with trinkets from people who knew it is not possible to own land.

I am from Pennsylvania so fuck New Jersey. And fuck New York and Delaware too.

I am from the United States so fuck Canada. And Mexico and Cuba.

I am from Earth so fuck the moon. Fuck Jupiter and Mars too.

Man, I feel better already and I'm just getting started. Gotta get some spray paint.